Factory Automation

Manufacturing the future of industrial machines with Hoodland components, motors, actuators, automation and controls. Factory Automation is one of the biggest market for Hoodland Electric Linear Actuators in large numbers. Our products can be widely used from the smallest simple machine to most complex system.

In one word, wherever there’s in need of pushing, pulling, lifting, turning and etc, we always have a correspondent products.

● Material Handling

Our decive can load bulk solids, conveyors or pick-and-place and etc, meet with all varying requirements. Designed with aluminum tube for caustic environments and food-safe areas, these devices run machines faster while needing significantly less maintenance.

● Sensor Adjustment

Long stroke sizes can accommodate any size vehicle, providing consistent speeds and precision adjustment to ensure accurate sensor readings. Opting for feedback in your industrial linear actuator will allow you to coordinate multi-axis motion.

And below usages:

● Robots and manipulators

● Printing and scanning

● Automatic warehouse

● Package, palletizing and dispensing

● Pressing, cutting and etc

Hoodland products aim to improve your work more efficient and convenient, experience powerful, performance and adaptability with zero maintenance. Our team is always here to help you.