Medical & Healthcare

Hoodland products can help to provide the uncompromising levels of product quality and reliablitiy for pharma, biomedical and laboratory automation fields.

Involve Hoodland from design to expand your options and shorten your process. Today we optimize medical motion through superior design and production, superior technology, and breadth of line.

Technologically superior, flexibility in application, push efficiencies in production, a streamlined sourcing process for components can be trusted for long service, strength, quiet and no-fail performance, our products participate in a vast range of medical application:

● Diagnostics & Treatment

● Fitness & Exercise Equipment

● Patient Handling

● Personal Mobility

● Lab Automation - Pick & Place

● Electric Medical Care Bed

● Electric Massage Chair

● Beds& Stretchers


Cost effective devices that provide the convenience of electric adjustment at any stage, to meet meticulous requirements, these products have a quick release alongside low weight for easy handling, high load capacity to accommodate patients all requirements.

Electric Health Bed

Intelligent electric bed is a new kind of bedding, which can let us enjoy a better life experience. According to ergonomic design, the electric bed adjusts the angle of the bed frame at will, adjusts body posture freely, reduces body pressure and promotes blood circulation.

The massage function is also designed in different areas to help the body quickly eliminate fatigue and achieve the function of physiotherapy and health. Under the deep sleep mode, the back of the intelligent electric bed will be adjusted to about 10 degrees. Sleepers can keep breathing smoothly and promote deep sleep under the slightly elevated back, which has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on snoring. These functions can not be achieved without powerful driving devices.

To this end, we have launched a large thrust, silent motor, with a variety of expansion configurations of linear actuators, to cooperate with the upgrading of such products.


1. Using high-precision silent motor, the noise of the motor is greatly reduced.

2. Aluminum alloy die casting, high strength, solid and reliable.

3. The maximum thrust can reach 8000N, which can provide powerful power.

4. Intelligent anti-clip, pressure rebound, to ensure higher safety.

5. The matching products can be customized according to the actual requirements.

6. Extension features are rich, you can choose to install multiple functions.


Electric Medical Care Bed

The medical bed used in the hospital includes electric and manual adjustment. The traditional manual adjustment method requires special adjustment. The patient cannot adjust the height of the medical bed, fold, etc., and the adjustment is also very laborious. The adjustment method is very complicated. Therefore, many modern medical treatments are gradually replacing the manual medical bed with an electrically adjustable medical bed.

The electric linear actuator is the core component of the electric adjustment. The stability is very high, the adjustment is simple, and the patient can operate it by himself. It can be operated by a dedicated controller, remote control or APP application. The actuator adopts a linear telescopic method. The adjustment process has no stall at a constant speed and does not cause secondary damage to the patient. The telescopic length can be customized and is suitable for most medical beds. The manual adjustment of the medical bed can also be changed to an automatically adjusted medical bed by the addition of an electric linear actuator, which greatly saves costs.


1. Our electric actuators use high-precision silent motors to eliminate the sound of most motors.

2. IP54 protection level, can directly resist the splash of water, dust and other pollutants in any direction.

3. Using aluminum alloy die-casting, anti-deformation, with high strength.

4. The maximum thrust can reach 6000N, can increase the 600KG object, and maintain a uniform speed.

5. Intelligent anti-pinch, pressure rebound, to ensure higher security.

6. The stroke adjustment range can be customized according to customer requirements.


Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchair is a kind of power wheelchair vehicle driven by battery and electronic device. Users can drive the wheelchair vehicle by themselves through the control device. As a necessary means of transportation for people with mobility disabilities or disabilities, the requirements for their electrical performance and safety performance are very high. Electric wheelchairs are widely used in hospitals and families. In order to give the body enough stability and ride comfort, we have introduced a complete set of high-performance lifting power solutions, which can balance the body, stand, lie down and other important functions, and ensure the excellent performance of the final product.


1. Using high-precision silent motor, the noise of the motor is greatly reduced.

2. IP65 protection level, high protection level.

3. Aluminum alloy die casting, high strength, strong and reliable.

4. The maximum thrust can reach 8000N, which can provide strong power.

5. Intelligent anti-clip, pressure rebound, to ensure higher safety.

6. Can be customized according to the actual requirements of supporting products.

7. The expansion function is abundant, and you can choose to install multiple functions.